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October 17, 2014

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- Oct. 17th 2014 9:00 am PT


Now that Yosemite is out, with iOS 8 devices you are now able to use Handoff. Handoff will allow you to seamlessly start a task on one device, and pick it up on another device. So for example you start writing a paper on your iPad and then you want to continue it on your Mac, or you start writing an email on your iPhone and want to finish it on your iPad, this is what Handoff does. When signed into the same iCloud account and Bluetooth is turned on, Handoff will allow you to transition your work flow from one device to another.

On the Mac, you will have an additional dock separate from the main dock indicating what is running on the iOS device. On the iOS device on the lock screen you will have an icon indicating the app that is being used on the Mac. Currently it works with Apple’s apps including Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Safari, Reminders, Messages, Maps, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Developers can also addHandoff totheir apps as Scarosso Marta Limone Tvc2t
. In this how-to article, I will discuss how to set up Handoff and how to use it.

Apple TV

For Handoff to work, you did need to have a 2012 iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac or late 2013 Mac Pro. You do need to have an iOS device running iOS 8 with Bluetooth turned on. Since Handoff works via Bluetooth, the devices do need to be within thirty feet of each other. Also, all of your Apple devices need to be signed into the same iCloud account.

Now that we have met the requirements for Handoff, let’s first make sure that Handoff is enabled. On the iOS device go into Settings and select General. Then tap on Handoff Suggested Apps to make sure that it is turned on.

To check to see if Handoff is enabled on the Mac, open up System Preferences. Then make sure that Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices is checked on.

Now that Handoff is set up and enabled to work, let’s discuss how it works.

In my example above, I said one of the ways you can use Handoff is to start writing a paper on your iPad and finish it on your Mac. To do this, I will be using Notesfor iOS and Notesfor Mac. I start to write it in Notes on the iPad.

While I am writing on the iPad there is now a dock that is separate from the main dock on my Mac. In that new separated dock it shows the Notes app with an iPad icon in the upper right hand corner. That indicates I am using Notes on the iPad. If you like to have your dock hidden, to see that I am using the Notes app on my iPad is to hold the Command key and Tab key at the same time on the keyboard to view the app switcher, or you can hover the cursor over where the dock would be to bring it up.

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The correlation across countries between the percentage of value-added in agriculture and total entrepreneurial activity in 2004. : Calculated from data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and the World Development Report

Rich countries are richer than poor countries because they had more economic growth in the past. So, if we measure new business creation and economic growth over a long enough horizon to see real differences in economic growth between countries, the countries that have had consistently faster economic growth (the rich ones), actually have declining rates of new firm formation.

In fact, if we look at the correlations between rates of new firm formation and economic growth over the medium-to-long term, we see that firm formation declines as economic growth increases. For instance, the correlation between real GNP growth rates and the rate of self-employment in France, West Germany, and Italy between 1953 and 1987, and in Sweden between 1962 and 1987 is negative (Bogenhold and Staber 1991 ), as is the correlation in the 19 OECD countries for which data are available from 1975 to 1996 (Blanchflower Ted Baker KELLEI Trainers rose gold akQMU

We also have ample evidence that when governments intervene to encourage the creation of new businesses, they stimulate more people to start new companies disproportionately in competitive industries with lower barriers to entry and high rates of failure. That’s because the typical entrepreneur is very bad at picking industries and choosing the ones that are easiest to enter, not the ones that are best for start-up (Johnson 2004 ). Rather than picking industries in which new companies are most successful, most entrepreneurs pick industries in which most start-ups fail. In the United States, the correlation across industries between start-up rates and failure rates is a whopping 0.77. So by providing incentives for people to start businesses in general, we provide incentives for people to start the typical business, which is gone in a few years.

And who is most likely to respond to those incentives and start businesses? Not the best entrepreneurs. We know that unemployed people are more likely to start businesses than people who have jobs. Why? Because they have less to lose by becoming entrepreneurs; something economists call a lower opportunity cost on their time. After all, it’s less costly to you to start a company if your alternative is watching daytime T.V., than if it is taking home a paycheck from a job.

The problem is that people who are unemployed also tend to perform worse when they start companies than people who quit their jobs to start businesses, probably because their hurdle for what kind of business passes the hurdle to pursue is much lower. So policies designed to increase the total number of new businesses disproportionately attract the worst entrepreneurs.

Another way of overriding those settings is to set the environment variable R_JAVA_LD_LIBRARY_PATH (before R is started, hence not in ~/.Renviron ), which suffices to run already-installed Java-using packages. For example

It may be possible to avoid this by specifying an invariant link as the path when configuring. For example, on that system any of


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Some add-on packages need a C++ compiler. This is specified by the configure variables CXX , CXXFLAGS and similar. configure will normally find a suitable compiler. However, in many cases this will be a C++98 compiler, and it is possible to specify an alternative compiler for use with C++11 by the configure variables CXX11 , CXX11STD , CXX11FLAGS and similar (see C++ Support ). Again, configure will normally find a suitable value for CXX11STD if the compiler given by CXX is capable of compiling C++11 code, but it is possible that a completely different compiler will be needed.

Other packages need full Fortran 90 (or later) support. For source files with extension .f90 or .f95 , the compiler defined by the macro FC is used by R CMD INSTALL . This is found when R is configured and is often the same as F77 : note that it is detected by the name of the command without a test that it can actually compile Fortran 90 code. Set the configure variable FC to override this if necessary: variables FCFLAGS , FCPICFLAGS , FCLIBS , SHLIB_FCLD and SHLIB_FCLDFLAGS might also need to be set.

See file in the R source for more details about these variables.

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The linear algebra routines in R can make use of enhanced (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms, ) routines. However, these have to be explicitly requested at configure time: R provides an internal which is well-tested and will be adequate for most uses of R.

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